Man Tries to Buy Vacuum Cleaner with Million Dollar NoteA man was a stupid enough to get himself arrested at a Walmart in North Carolina after trying to hand the cashier a million dollar note. Seriously, you wonder where people this silly come from.

The 53 year old man named Michael Fuller, was trying to purchase $476 worth of electrical goods whilst telling the cashier that the note was genuine, before the cops were called. The police at the scene said that Fuller was trying to purchase electrical equipment including a vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven and other items.

Fuller was arrested and charged with ‘attempting to obtain property by false pretence and uttering a forged instrument.’ He is now in jail and is expected to attend court this week. All that effort for a Dyson.

In the USA the largest note is $100 with notes for up to $10,000 being withdrawn in 1969.

by David Mahoney