Tatts the way love goes…

A woman in Stoke has come up with the perfect way to combine the message “I love you” with “I’m mentally challenged” after agreeing to let her boyfriend tattoo his name on her face.
And tattoo artist Ryan Wibberley was so touched by Kourtney Leigh’s gesture he felt compelled to declare to the Sun that he’d “branded her like Heinz beans”.
Apologies to Baz Luhrman, but if that’s not a modern-day Romeo and Juliet we don’t know what is.
Ryan, who goes by the name Wibbo, has apparently had his name tattooed on 39 other equally stupid exes.
“I just get pissed up and I get my tattoo gun out. It’s a laugh,” he said. “It’s not taking advantage because they want it done.
“I’ve got Kourtney’s name on my hand, but she’s the only ex whose name I’ve got done. I’ve branded her like Heinz Beans.”
And yes, he inexplicably referred to her as “an ex” even though they’re still going out. Bodes well.
The word ‘Ryan’ goes above her left eyebrow, while ‘Wibbo’ is on the other side, so not only does she look stupid but it’s the wrong way round to anyone who reads it. Love, it might be time for a spot of laser tattoo removal!
Lucky for her, this isn’t just some fly-by-night relationship as the pair have been dating for a full six months after meeting when he was released from prison for making threats with a knife.
Explaining why she got the tattoo, Kourtney said: “I do it because he’s paranoid and wants to have me branded.He thinks it’ll put other men off.”
Well he’s certainly right about that!