Return of the Mac

There are very few reasons for speeding that police officers are willing to accept. Rushing to the birth of a child is possibly the only one they’ll let you get away with – and even then they’ll usually ask you to bring back the placenta as proof.
And just as unappetising as the thought of afterbirth is the thought of a stale McDonalds extra value meal – which is possibly where Lee Rutherford’s mind went after he was pulled over for doing 129 mph in a modified Renault Clio.
When questioned by cops as to why he was driving at such an extreme speed, he said he wanted to eat his Big Mac and chips warm.
Rutherford’s legal defendant, Kyle Patterson, told the court: “His driving at such a speed was because he’d been to McDonald’s and he wanted his food to still be hot by the time he got home.”
Did the excuse work? Why don’t you ask Lee in 20 weeks’ time when he gets out of prison.