Man Builds Junk PlaneA man from China has built a £4,000 plane out of junk and old office fans.

Avid flyer Li Jingchun, who also seems to have obtained Kim Jong Il’s old outfit, spent two years hoarding scrap metal and recycling unwanted goods before realising that he could build his very own jet.

The farmer’s boyhood dream was to own a plane and has assembled the plane with the help of his family on his farm in Changbai, Northern China.

The 58-year-ols said: “I have always loved planes since I was a little boy. It is my dream to fly a plane as a pilot with passengers in it. I’ll get there somehow, no matter what.”

But this dream seems a long way from coming true. The plane still has no engine, Jingchun lacks pilot’s license, and he has already spent £4,000 on the aircraft to date, despite having only just started work on the interior.

But despite these drawbacks and dismissal by critics, Li is determined to fly.

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