Balancing Dog Becomes Internet SensationIs this the dog version of planking? If so, Maddie has got to be the champion! The two year old has been photographed by her owner, Theron Humphrey for the blog “Maddie On Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs And Physics.”

The Redtick Coonhound became an internet sensation as the result of these daily images. So where will they pair take it from here?

Mr Humphrey from Atlanta has revealed that he plans to take Maddie to each of the 50 US states, capturing her posing on a funny object in each one.

The 28-year-old adopted Maddie from an animal shelter in April last year and said: “Maddie is always by my side when I photograph other people so I decided to make her the subject of my work for a change.

“Over time it evolved into putting her on funny things because of her nature to stand really still.”

Photos are uploaded every day to the Tumblr “Maddie the Coonhound” of her balancing latest balancing acts.

By Ella White


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