Lohan works againLohan Works Again!

Troubled star Lindsay Lohan is apparently back to work this week and no that’s not an euphemism for falling off the wagon. The starlet has been asked to do a photo shoot for Russian based clothing line Kira Plastina with the clothes apparently ending up in a major fashion magazine.

The actress/model is currently at the Betty Ford clinic seeking treatment for her drug addiction. The clinic gave Lohan the all clear to do the shoot, which will take place not too far from the clinic itself.

The ‘Mean Girls’ star is set to be struggling with her finances after work has slowed down as her troubles increased, her supposed “comeback” role as porn star Linda Lovelace is even in jeopardy after her spell in jail and now rehab. Sources say that Lohan will be paid for the shoot, but an amount has yet to be agreed upon.

May we hope Lindsay has finally learnt her lesson!