TIMES are hard back in Britain and, frankly, we’d always wondered how the Little Chef restaurants stayed afloat with their dogshit reputation.
Well we got our answer this week. The roadside food chain is just a front for a nationwide cocaine-smuggling cartel. Possibly.
Apparently the Little Chef chain has caused a bit of bother with concerned parents over its latest batch of promotional t-shirts which simply state “I love Charlie” on the front.
The tops cost £5.99 and are selling like hotcakes at universities across the country. We’re sure this latest batch of publicity will help inspire hundreds more students to come up with the ‘original’ idea of buying one in a fit of hilarious cocaine-referencing irony.

JUST because they stink of piss and ‘go-toilet’ in the back garden, doesn’t mean squatters don’t have a sense of irony.
About 20 of the dirty beggars have moved into an old police station in east London just days before it was due to be sold.

IF there’s one thing the British summer’s missing (apart from the sun), it’s more things that fly around and sting you.
Well thanks to a 31-year-old idiot in London, an extinct type of bee is making a comeback in Blighty. Great.
Nikki Gammans has helped revive five of the UK’s most endangered bees and now wants to bring back the short-haired bumblebee. Short-haired and angry? Does that make them les-bee-ans? Arf! Arf! They even come with a detachable tail!