THERE are many parallels between the lives of Linda Lovelace and Lindsay Lohan.



For starters, you can call both of them LiLo. Secondly, they’re both famous for shagging and acting – in that order. Thirdly, their career progression didn’t quite go according.


In fact, in Lindsay’s case, it now seems she’s taking any part offered to her. Much like Linda did in Deep Throat – yet another parallel! The question is, just how “hands on” will Lindsay get in the biopic about porn star Linda.


Sadly, Lindsay says not very – but ‘not very’ by her standards probably means she does everything but graphic anal sex.


“People are going to say: ‘Oh, Lindsay Lohan is doing a porno’ but it’s not like that,” said Lindsay about doing a porno. “The way that Matthew (Wilder, director) wants to shoot it is not vulgar. It’s not about the raw sex and the shots of her fully nude.”


Shame. We might have actually gone to see it otherwise.