liloLi-Lo’s in the money!

So it’s not all bad for the cursed being that is Lindsay Lohan. As predicted the jail-bird is set to make a few bob when she’s out of rehab. It’s been reported that Ok Magazine are willing to pay $1million for her first interview after her stint in rehab, so perhaps now she’ll be able to buy a new pair of boots instead of those tasselled ones she got free from her appearance in Ugly Betty that she insists on wearing every time she leaves the house. (Sorry but don’t think we haven’t noticed!) It’s good that she’ll be making some money, however we don’t think it will be long before she spunks the whole lot of drugs and booze, it’s a shame she hasn’t got a daddy like Jamie Spears to control all her finances, then she too could be held hostage in her own home and not allowed to spend a penny.