AnyoneinterestedAnyone interested in being J-Lo’s personal slave?

Sorry did we say slave, we meant personal assistant. Apparently the diva is on the hunt for a new PA, but of course things aren’t ever that straight forward. A source reveals the ins and outs of the requirements needed for this once in a life-time job opportunity. “The person has to be graceful under pressure, have a thick skin, and be resourceful in foreign countries, among others things. You’ll be expected to travel at a moment’s notice and must know how to adjust in each city.” Oh wait there’s more “You can’t have a personal life – no baggage, significant others or pets allowed. The job is 6 days a week, at least 12-hour days with one day off, but you may not get off for weeks. You’ll be on call 24/7 and you’ve got to be organized and always on point.” Now to the nitty gritty – “You have to change diapers, work on little sleep and cook if the butler is away. You have to know when J. Lo has her snack time. She won’t say she’s hungry, you’re just expected to have food waiting.” For $55-65,000 a year, are you up for the challenge?