lady gagaForget the men in white coats; it’s clearly a job for Men in Black when we’re dealing with Lady Gaga.
We’re fully aware that she likes to stand out from
the crowd and wear some ridiculous things, from crime scene tape over her lady bits, to a telephone on her head but this really takes the biscuit.
Apparently the alien life force has now demanded to wear four, yes four, three-year-old children. WTF.
She literally wants to wear live human beings. If this isn’t exploitation of children for the sake of fashion we really don’t know what is.
Oh and to add to this shocking insanity and blatant breach of human rights she has listed the following criteria for the children she wishes to hang off her breasts: have never met a French person, have
never visited France, to not be aware of the
existence of France, but they must be
Maybe this is just the sort of
ammo the government need to
bring down the invader and
lock her up for good.