BBM stayed at a hotel in Bangkok once and received a weird service, but we don’t think it’s suitable for print.


However, there are a bunch of weird and wonderful jobs that may be a bit more ‘magazine-friendly’ – especially since said service was paid for on the company credit card.


This week, we stumbled across the option back in Blighty for a person to wear a special head-to-toe suit and hop into our bed for five minutes, moving around under the sheets to create a nice and cosy sleeping environment. In normal circumstances we’d call this a perverted break-and-enter (or BBM’s regular weekend activity) but at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum it’s an optional service called a Human Bed Warmer.


Meanwhile, the Hotel Andaz in London has also taken customer care to a new level with its bedtime story service.


Guests – no matter their age – can call for a Bedtime Storyteller to come to their room and read them the book of their choice.


Can they read us Playboy?