We have all done things we regret. The ‘Ten Year Challenge’ has undoubtedly demonstrated that even celebrities have made some errant choices in the past. Some they can choose to avoid and others that have remained on record. Then there is Katy Perry who has revealed her school report from 1996 which states that she ‘pretended that a tree was Tom Cruise and began making sexual motions’ to it. Pelvis thrusts. Towards a tree. That she imagined was Tom Cruise.

This wasn’t an isolated incident but the tipping point in a loaded report card that resulted in a three day suspension. That includes the use of bad language (using the term ‘pissed off’ then calling fellow students ‘brats’) and using the Lord’s name in vain (‘Oh my God’). She was only 12 yet with pastors for parents and in a Christian school this must have been some outrage. She was even caught doing the highly provocative Macarena. Worst (or best of all), she was admonished for playing the likes of Spin The Bottle and Truth Or Dare ‘which resulted in students kissing on the cheek’. Or worse still, Katy kissing a girl and liking it.