27933_heigl422_122_529lo 2IN BBM’s big book of maths: Hollywood Award
Ceremonies + Acceptance Speeches = boring as piss.
Throw Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin into the mix and
you’ve got the television equivalent of narcolepsy.
But even BBM’s cynical eyebrows have been raised in
a comical fashion thanks to a very novel idea that the
organisers behind the ShoWest Final Night Banquet and
Award Ceremony in Vegas have come up with.
Apparently, if this year’s event is anything to go by, whoever
wins the Best Actress gong has to get her tits out as part of the acceptance speech.
And in an inspired move, Knocked Up hotty Katherine Heigl was the winner this year.
Alas, we didn’t quite get a full frontal as Katherine just managed to catch the top of her dress as one her straps snapped under the pressure of her plunging neckline. Bah.
All this drama also had the side-effect of distracting
people from the big question – what the fuck did
she win a best actress award for?