getpicture.phpHANDS up who thought Roy Hodgson was a dogshit manager?
For the record, just because an English coach has worked abroad doesn’t mean he’s a good manager. Or a good England manager for that matter (we’re looking at you Shhhteve ‘Goldmember’ McClaren).
But in Hodgson’s case, we’ll admit we’re wrong.
Not only that, he seems pretty sensible when it comes to the idea of turning Fulham into a top six club. In other words, it’s not going to happen.
“The chairman has said this week that clubs should not really be living beyond their means and depending on sugar daddies in order to survive,” said Roy.
“I totally agree with that philosophy so it would be unwise of me to say that we should try to break into that top six by breaking the bank. The existence of the club is more important than short-term gain.”
So basically, let’s all laugh at Portsmouth.