Karen Matthews To Appear On Jeremy KyleIs Karen Matthews for real? After making worldwide headlines for staging the kidnap of her nine-year-old daughter, we’d pretty much made up our minds that the mother of seven was a scumbag.

Uproar then ensued as she was released from jail after four year, serving only half of her sentence. And what’s the first thing Matthews does when she’s let into the big wide world? Requests a lie detector test on the Jeremy Kyle show in an attempt to ‘clear her name’.

Well. If that’s not a way to change the nation’s opinion of you… We at BBM are no experts, but we’re pretty sure that a daytime TV lie detector is not quite as trustworthy as a court of law. The tests, which are popular amongst daytime TV guests, are, surprisingly, not admissible as evidence in court. But Karen wants one anyway.

It’s a world that us with the luxury of jobs and brain cells struggle to fathom. Amid rumours that Matthews has dieted and dyed her hair on top of being relocated under witness protection, the obvious thing to do would be to appear on a show viewed by millions which is notorious for making a fool of it’s guests, right?

Although the sight of her pikey face makes us long for the days of capital punishment, this is a TV moment that, for entertainment’s sake, could prove hard to miss.

By Ella White


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