Justin's career boo-booWe have a confession to make here at BBM – we love Yogi Bear. Nobody else in the world can get away with wearing nothing but a bowtie without quickly being taken away by the police. Trust us, we’ve tried.
Imagine our horror this week when it was confirmed that Justin Timberlake will be providing the voice of much-loved sidekick Boo Boo in the upcoming Yogi Bear film. If doing Britney Spears, Fergie (not the toe sucker), Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel wasn’t enough, he’s doing Boo Boo as well! Well, not in that way, dear readers, as bestiality is frowned upon in many societies and results in our least-favourite adult films.
Timberlake will be joined by Dan Aykroyd in a live-action / CGI / 3D hybrid that will be released around Christmas. Timberlake recently gushed about the role, stating “It’s pretty awesome. I used to watch the cartoon as a kid. Yogi Bear is an iconic Hanna Barbera cartoon.”
Unfortunately, judging by the trailer, which features the backsides of poorly animated bears being spanked by wooden pallets, the iconic character may be slaughtered come December. That scene sounds suspiciously like bestiality to us.