Race to Kop on

THE race to become the most hated man in Liverpool is on as some Chinese bloke and a couple of Indian billionaires battle it out to become the Anfield club’s new owners.
Why you’d want to throw your money down the bottomless debt pit that is Anfield is anyone’s guess but that’s not stopped any old sap with cash from lining up a bid.
Apparently there are at least five interested buyers, including Chinese businessman Kenny Huang who has already held talks about buying Liverpool’s £237million debt off the Royal Bank of Scotland.
Huang also has the rather-sizable backing of the Chinese Investment Corporation – who have no less than £209billion in the kitty.
At the time of going to press, however only Indian tycoons Mukesh Ambani and Subrata Roy had formally tabled a bid.
An insider said: “Some potential buyers have declared their interest but haven’t tabled a bid, whereas Ambani and Roy have put their money on the table.
“At this stage Liverpool are happy to let everyone compete against each other to squeeze out the best possible deal.”