JLS-Just-love-sexWe’ve seen ridiculous celebrity endorsements before but this one just takes the biscuit. JLS have teamed up with Durex to put their name to a range of condoms, called Just Love Safe. The boxes come complete with each band members face on it and their own individual colour. Are you cringing yet? If not read on… Marvin, the fittest member of the group then said, “We used to get underwear thrown at us on stage, now we expect flying condom boxes! But it’s important to put your love in a glove.” Oh no hold on there’s more, the little one who looks like he’s most likely hump your leg, Aston then spoke more about his relationship with condoms, saying, “My mum sends me down a stash of condoms and I dish them out to the lads so none of us have to worry. I’d really be up for doing some kind of campaign about safe sex.” Ok we applaud the message you’re sending out, but “love in a glove” really?