barber_jesusBristol based Barber Brown’s Hair Salon recently has been displaying an advert showing the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and a warning that you should be prepared.


The ad read “He is coming … Better get your hair done!”


There had been a couple of complaints about the ad saying that it was likely to offend Christians because it implied that Jesus would only care about people’s outward appearance rather than their immortal souls.


We don’t know who it was who complained, but according to spokespeople of the barbers (barbers have spokespeople now?) flyers bearing the ad were handed out in churches and received the intended response of a little chuckle at the silly humorous joke. The real irony is that the Bible says it’s a sin to put too much effort into your hairstyle, so if anyone was to take the ad seriously they’d be shooting themselves in their everlasting foot.


The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) cleared the ad, accepting that it was not offensive and the complainers needed to get a sense of humour.



By Lewis Roe



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