Fancy Dress Hell; Man Turns Permanently GreenWe at BBM love a spot of fancy dress. Whether it’s donning leotards, animal suits (for our furries evenings ;-)) or experimenting with a bit of face paint to achieve a Smurf look we like to indulge. However we have to say, we’ve always been a bit more savvy than poor old Paulo Henrique dos Santos (great name) when it comes to choosing body paint.

Paulo Henrique dos Santos suffered a bit of misfortune when he accidentally used industrial green paint in order to portray The Incredible Hulk for a fancy dress party. Paulo ended up green for days on end, and was plastered across every paper in Brazil when the story of the green man emerged.

Paulo, who also works as a DJ in Rio De Janeiro, accidentally used the hardcore paint, usually used on missiles and other military equipment, when the shop he went to didn’t have the brand he normally used.

Paulo was still glowing green after 20 baths, but thanks to the help of friends who solidly scrubbed him for 24 hours, Paulo is thought to have returned to his natural colour.

So what have we learned kids…if you’re going to die your skin, make sure it says Piz Buin on the tin.

By Fanny Frangipane

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