When you think of Ireland, you’ll probably envisage rolling green hills, shamrocks, Guinness and St Patrick’s Day revellers – just some of the things one would typically associate with the country.
And I’m sure you’d expect a truly Irish brand like Guinness to be able to get an advert for Paddy’s Day correct, but annoyed passers-by on Toronto’s subway system have spotted an embarrassing error in one of the company’s posters!
Mark Gray quickly tweeted Guinness Canada, and pointed out that the design included a four-leaf clover instead of the traditional three-leaf shamrock. But what’s the difference? The shamrock, a symbol for Ireland, was said to have been used by Saint Patrick himself as a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity.
So they’re probably feeling a bit embarrassed by this…
Guinness Canada shortly responded and said: “In the excitement of getting ready for next week, we obviously made a mistake and thank you for bringing it to our attention. As Canadians, we will say ‘Sorry!’ and let you know we are removing the posters immediately.”
It’s all good and well then that they’re excited. Just give us a free guinness and we’ll be happy.