nsane man rips his own eyeballs out46-year-old Aldo Bianchini shocked fellow church goers when he tore his own eyes out during mass service in Viareggio, northern Italy, on Sunday.
It is believed that he was completely nut nuts, and unfortunately the good fellows at the hospital were unable to salvage his sight.
UK-born Bianchini who has lived in Italy for many years, said to doctors he “heard voices” telling him to gouge his eyes. ??Dr Gino Barbacci, who attempted to repair the damage done, said Bianchini had “super-human” strength to pull out his own eyes. Many of the congregation fled in fear after the incident.?”In all my 26 years of service I have never seen anything like this before. He did not complain and seemed to feel no pain even though it was a mask of blood,” Dr Barbacci said.?”We tried to operate and save his sight by reinserting the eye balls in both sockets but there was nothing we could do and he will now remain blind,” he added. ??”I’ve never seen so much blood as today [Sunday],” said the church’s priest, Father Tanganelli. “I called for assistance and the paramedics were at the scene. We were lucky that one of the closest people to him was an off-duty paramedic.”
We sincerely apologise if you were eating when you read this for it is massively rank, talk about an eye-popping experience.