WBC Welterweight Title fight - Ortiz May-Weather Headbutt Storm (or not)If it was not official already, it is now. You have to be completely off your rocker and clinically insane to be a boxer. At least we can only assume that is Victor Ortiz’s excuse for head butting Floyd Mayweather Junior during their WBC Welterweight title fight on Saturday in Las Vegas.

With the vast majority of the television audience tuning in to see Mayweather’s return to the ring after a 16 month absence, many weren’t predicting him to have too much trouble from the Kansas City born Ortiz.

Having dominated the fourth round, Mayweather and Ortiz got locked together at the ropes. Then for reasons that will only make sense to himself, Ortiz attempted to plant a ‘Glasgow kiss’ on his opponent. Mayweather recoiled in shock. To preserve a little credit, Ortiz immediately apologised and offered his opponent a kiss and a hug. We aren’t too sure if this helped or hindered his cause but I guess what happened next would suggest the latter.

After Ortiz was sent to a neutral corner like an errant schoolboy caught red-handed cheating and the referee had deducted a point, the two sparring fighters were brought back to fight. Those waiting to see Mayweather’s reaction did not have to wait very long. With Ortiz again offering an apology and letting his guard down, Mayweather dazed him with a clean left hook. Ortiz looked to the referee suggesting that he felt the fight had not been called to start again.

The next thing he probably remembers is waking up in the changing room as his adversary’s second shot floored him and had him out for the count to end the contest.

The referee and Mayweather both claimed that time was called ‘in’ so it would seem that Mayweather was technically within his rights to continue as Ortiz let his guard down but many are suggesting once again it seemed a lack of class from the self-monikered “Money” Mayweather.

However those wanting to chastise Mayweather, borrowing from a university game my friends and I still play, “TELL HIM!” Because I am not going to…

By Conan Jal