If you’re in trouble in the Amazon why not call Cornwall for helpWhen a British couple’s vehicle plunged into a ravine in the Amazon they raised the alarm via the Cornish coast guard. Strange eh!

Mr Scott and Ms Norris became stranded 200 miles from civilization when a bridge collapsed under their vehicle whilst touring the Amazon. Using their sat phone to contact Ms Norris’ brother-in-law in Eastbourne, he contacted Dover Coastguard with the pair’s GPS co-ordinates. Officials then alerted colleagues in Falmouth – the co-ordinating station for international rescues – who raised the alarm with the authorities in Brazil who then sent a helicopter to their rescue.

Falmouth Coastguard spokesman James Instance said: ‘They were lucky to escape uninjured and thought, “We’re in this absolutely remote location and we’re going to have to try to raise help somehow”.’ Well talk about being resourceful and using your noggin when you’re in a jam! Pasties all round!