Child cage fights all the rage up North!Police in Lancashire have decided not to take action on the child cage fights that have been taking place in the county. Children as young as five have been beating the shit out of each other for the pleasure of fat old men (most likely peodo’s). The event, filmed at Greenlands Labour Club, was described as ‘disturbing’ by the NSPCC, while the British Medical Association (BMA) said it posed a risk of brain injury.

The organisers of this sick sport gathered a 250 strong adult audience, and even splashed out on scantily clad ring whores to parade around the arena at the ticket only event. Twisted fight organiser and professional cage fighter Steven Nightingale, 28, said he was shocked by the reaction, saying the children ‘know what they are getting themselves in for’. We beg to differ, as it’s obviously their dole scrounging parents who put them up for the fights. However getting into fights is part of growing up, so we guess at least they’re making some money!