I present you a name (Uk news)Hello Mr Willy Wonka, Miss Jelly Tot how are you? I’m not kidding either, you may read this and think that it’s some big joke but it isn’t. There are actually people out there called Willy Wonka and Jelly Tot, there is even an Her Majesty The Queen.

So it’s not the whole truth, most of these name changes weren’t done for the sake of it. Charity is the big cause. Divorce and boredom are said to be the main culprits for name changes but why not change only a little? To go all the way out there is a bit, well odd.

In 2010 alone there has been an increase by 80% of name changes in the UK since 2009. That’s only one year. So do we all have different names now then, you 20% are you just in the thinking stages.

Suffolk holds host to Willy Wonka, or as he used to be known John Denton. He changed his name to raise £5,000 for Cancer Research as his mother died in 2003. Miss Jelly Tot got her name as a birthday present for her 40th from friends. I’m off to choose my name, maybe Nobbly Bobbly or Milky Way… What will you choose?

Maddie Daniels