Tom Cruise CyborgIT sounds like something that should have been on The Day Today, but apparently a cybernetics expert in Reading has become the first human to be infected with a computer virus.
Dr Mark Gasson had a computer chip implanted in his hand to allow him to open security doors and make sure only he can use his mobile phone.
Now the cyborg has deliberately infected himself with a virus, to show weaknesses in his lab security system.
What’s the betting he tries to hire Gwyneth Paltrow as his assistant next, as he tries to complete his Iron Man obsession.
“Once the system is infected, anybody accessing the building with their passcard would be infected too,” said Gasson, while putting on a Stephen Hawking style voice and saying ‘affirmative’ instead of ‘yes’.
The virus on his chip is benign. But malicious computer code could give criminals access to a building.
Dr Gasson says his experiment also exposes the vulnerability of chips now routinely implanted in patients.
Heart pacemakers contain mini-computers that control the heartbeat, and communicate with doctors via a special reader held against the skin.
So well done Mark. We’re sure the next time someone goes to plug a memory stick into their heart they’ll think twice because of you.