Everyone knows the drunker you are, the less things hurt – which is just as well considering the more drunk you are, the more likely you are to fall over and smash your face in.
In fact if you’re reading BBM, there’s a good chance you’re drunk right now – drunk illiterates have been our key demographic for a while now.
But a bloke in Tulsa took the phrase “beer armour” to a new level after stumbling home after celebrating his birthday, only to discover he’d been shot. Twice.
During the ride home, the man and others in the car heard “popping” noises on the highway and, after parking up, noticed a bullet hole in the back windshield. The victim then complained of pain in his shoulder – only to find a bullet had passed straight through his arm.
Brilliantly, it was only when he sat down in hospital that he felt another sharp pain – this time in his arse. Surprise, surprise another bullet was found lodged in his butt. Something similar happened to BBM’s mate Dan once, only it wasn’t a bullet in his arse, it was a shampoo bottle. That one is less of a mystery.