Gunning for president

WE ALL know what’s wrong with America – not enough people with guns.
That’s the message of an obscure wannabe politician running for Tennessee governor who has become an internet hit after vowing, if elected, to fine anyone who doesn’t own a firearm. God bless America.
War veteran Basil Marceaux, 58, was given one minute to pitch his campaign on TV and in a slurred speech promised to “do his issues” and “make it all freer than you were yesterday”.
He also introduced himself by saying: “Hi, I’m Basil Marceaux dot com,” even though that’s not his campaign’s web address.
“Everyone carry guns,” he ordered. “If you kill someone, though, you get murdered and go to jail. Vote for me and, if I win, I will immune you from all state crimes for the rest of your life.”
Batty Basil said his speech went wayward because he’d written six minutes of material and had been forced to shorten it at the last minute by producers, who also distracted him during filming.
His other political goals include “removing all gold fringe flags”, “stopping traffic stops” and “planting grass or vegetation” across the state.