Greedy Pigs Given Luxury VillaPigs might not be able to fly…but apparently they do live in villas. And nope, we’re not telling porky pies!

In a bid for better bacon, several lucky pigs have been sent to stay in luxury accommodation in China.

Government advisers decided happy pigs would mean a better quality of pork. And happy pigs should be at the top of every government’s agenda, obviously.

The villa, located in Weiji, Suining, houses 600 pigs and contains toys to keep the pigs entertained.

Between 8am and 5pm the pigs are also allowed to explore in the woods before toddling back to their £800 accommodation.

Agricultural officer Hu Juchun believes the cost is justified because pigs are so intelligent and deserve this type of treatment.

He claims they are also getting income from tourists who flock to see the ‘pig village’ (obviously with lower IQ’s than the pigs).

There are now plans to open a further 2,500 villas for pigs to frolic in.

By Anna Tabrah

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