Things turned GGrand Theft Auto style killing on the high seasrand Theft Auto on the HMS Astute when 23-year-old nut job Ryan Donovan decided to go on a video game style shooting spree.

The psychotic lunatic had apparently been plotting the rampage days earlier according to prosecutor Nigel Lickley, who commented saying, “He started talking about the video game Grand Theft Auto, where you start a massacre and rack up points by killing.” It also emerged that Donovan, who was obsessed with gangsta rap and called himself Reggie Moondog. (Yeah ‘cause that’s an intimidating name!

Ryan Donovan was jailed for at least 25 years for shooting Lt Cmdr Ian Molyneux in the head at point-blank range before continuing his spree. The 23-year-old was full of resentment after he was told he would be punished for disobeying a direct order to clean HMS Astute. And, after a night’s heavy drinking ashore, he took bloody revenge with the SA80 assault rifle he was given for sentry duty.

We hope they’ll crack down on the losers and lunatics they entrust with firearms in the future…oh no they won’t look at half the people that sign up for the army.