A GROUP of armed robbers pulled of a near-perfect crime in Northampton this week but failed to factor in one crucial aspect… a bat-shit crazy pensioner with a bag of shopping and a grudge.

CCTV footage shows six men wearing helmets pull up on the high street on motorbikes to rob a jewellry store.

They’ve just completed their nefarious deed and getting back on their bikes with their ill-gotten haul when 71-year-old vigilante ann Timpson spots the commotion.

At first the easily-confused bedwetter thought the robbers were beating up someone, so charged headlong at the hammer-wielding thugs, flailing her shopping as she did.

“I was not going to stand by and watch someone take a beating so I intervened,” she said.

“As I got closer I saw it was a robbery – and then I was even MORE angry that they felt they could get away with that in broad daylight. One of the gang shot off down Gold Street on a scooter and nearly hit a woman and baby.

“I clobbered him with my shopping, but he got away. The rest were still trying to smash and grab the jewellery.

“I just kept swinging my bag, then they tried to escape. I landed several blows against one lad on the back of a bike and brought him to the ground. He raised a hammer to me so I kept hitting out and shouting for others to bring them down. Several people then came to help. It seemed to be over in seconds.”

Four suspects were later charged in connection with the raid in Northampton town centre, with a lesser charge of being made to look like pussies by a grandma still pending.