BBM has heard of a lot of innovative ash-tray inventions in our time. Empty beer bottles, coffee cups, an old shoe, the pool. Hell, if it’s just you, why not use your belly-button?


But there’s one thing we would never use as a make-shift ash-tray: a hole in the floor.


Yep, that’s what started a fire recently at a home in Portland, Oregon. The incident has left the residents with a $30,000 damages bill.


The fire brigade were called at 10:30am. Here’s to hoping their boozy night had carried on ‘til morning because anyone who ashes into the floor first thing in the morning probably has a few more issues than just their eventual emphysema.


A spokesperson for the fire brigade claims that whoever rang the emergency number simply screamed that the fire department was needed, before hanging up.


“If that’s true, (about the floor ash-tray) it shouldn’t be a surprise that there was a fire,” said Public Information Officer Paul Corah. “That’s not careless smoking, that’s stupid smoking.”


When pressed on the issue Mr Corah explained that careless smoking is when you accidentally blow smoke in your baby’s face. Stupid smoking is aiming smoke away from babies who you know to be American.