Girls-not-allowedAs Nadine Coyle sets out to blast Cheryl Cole out of the charts with her futile pop attempts – it would appear she is now trying to rival Britain’s most beautiful woman in the sexy stakes. (We don’t think so – Cheryl Cole Forever!) Commenting on her Twitter page she mentioned that the video to her debut single Insatiable (and yes it’s shite) “failed a test for TV.” However she then shamelessly alluded to how slutty she’d be looking for the vid saying, “It was so much fun making the video – even though I was sprayed with water and had a bad neck afterwards after all the hair flicking and rocking out I did!” Smart move kiddo – as now we’re sure all the boys will by you-tubing that one. But whilst you’re at it just look how beautiful Cheryl looks in her new music video for new single Promise This.