Gay Penguin Dumped for a GirlA gay penguin has been dumped as his boyfriend has found a new girl.

The famous gay couple at Toronto Zoo have been the butt of many jokes – comedian Jimmy Kimmel joked that they had been seen at a Lady Gaga concert, and dubbed them the “Brokeback Iceberg” penguins.

But now it doesn’t seem so funny. In fact, it’s almost sad.
Pedro and Buddy have been nesting together for almost a year at the zoo, but were separated to be paired with female birds due to their endangered status.

Just three days later, Pedro seemed to have altogether forgotten about boyfriend Buddy, as he tried it on with lady penguin Thandiwey.

Buddy had a girlfriend for over a decade before Pedro hit the scene, and even fathered children with her. Some have labelled what Buddy and Pedro have as more of a bromance than a sexual relationship. Either way, we want them to be reunited!

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