ladygagapleasegogoFinally a bit of honesty coming out. Notorious ice queen Anna Wintour – the infamous Editor-in-chief of American Vogue has spoken out about her loathing of Lady Gaga, and we at BBM couldn’t be happier. Wintour apparently branded the fashion wannabe a ‘childish idiot’ when she was performing at a function she had put on for the crème da la crème. The meat wearing hag was allegedly demanding all sorts and praying before she went on stage, and also asked Wintour if she could change the show just before she performed, to which Wintour replied with a straight forward ‘no’. Obviously wankerbird Gaga isn’t quite used to the ‘n’ word and was a little put out to say the least, but with an ego as big as Wintour’s did she really think she was going to get her own way? We’re glad that the fashion industry are finally putting their foot down and admitting that Gaga is merely playing at being a fashionista and using fashion as a means to shock. Bore off Gaga…everyone’s had enough of the strange objects you pin to your body in an attempt to be ‘fashionable’.