USUALLY whlady-gaga-jet-1_thumben a girl walks up to a professional sports team in her bra and pants, pissed out of her face, playing with her tits and telling each player she ‘loves them’ we’re reading about another NRL ‘roasting’ incident in the Daily Telegraph.


This time it’s from the pages of OK!, as Lady Gaga has gone mental. Again.


The predictably outrageous singer was apparently thrown out of a New York Yankees game for being drunk and disorderly – just a day after turning up at a game in studded underwear.


She also blagged her way past stadium security, found the VIP clubhouse and proceeded to tell each player how much she ‘liked’ each of them. Unfortunately, several of the players had wives with them.


The mentalist was then booted out of the stadium with club officials launching an inquiry as to how the frig she got into a match for a second time.