ParisFrom Paris With Love
Released August 25th

WAS Inception too confusing for you? Well this is the solution. Hot on the heels of the fantastic Taken, Pierre Morel delivers a solid little film that is simple, yet remarkably effective.
The only way this film could work, however, was with the out of control performance by Travolta, who is clearly having the time of his life playing Charlie Wax (making the role even more convincing).
Rhys-Meyers is fine as the straight man, but this is the Travolta show, blasting through the road blocks at a pace so rapid that the 92 minutes fly past.
Like the Duracell bunny, this film keeps going and going with only a brief pause to advance the plot with a twist. A fine follow-up to Taken, it’s a great popcorn flick with a great performance from Travolta.