Margaret ThatcherThe former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died at the age of 87 from a stroke, on Monday 8th April 2013.

Born Margaret Roberts on 13th October, 1925, the future Mrs Thatcher’s fascination with politics was instilled in her from a young age. Her father, Alfred Roberts, a Methodist lay Preacher was also very involved in local politics and his interest in the subject was a major influence.

Lady Thatcher held her position as Conservative Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, making her the longest serving British Prime Minister of the 20th Century and the only woman to ever hold the title.

Known as ‘the Iron Lady,’ a nickname given to her by a Soviet journalist due to her uncompromising political views and leadership style.

Thatcher was used to having her share of critics; many of which felt she was a relentless tyrant who advocated an era of greed by taking from the poor and letting the rich become filthy rich, notably by enforcing the poll tax. When the party put into effect substantial cuts, one title that plagued her career was ‘Margaret Thatcher – Milk Snatcher,’ it was given to her after she removed free milk from schools for children over the age of seven.

For others, Thatcher’s legacy was a great one and she is considered one of the greatest leaders the country has ever had. She has been credited for the revitalisation of the UK economy, building stronger relations with the US and introduced the free market ideology, which is still in practice today.

Speaking of Margaret Thatcher’s passing, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “It was with great sadness that l learned of Lady Thatcher’s death. We’ve lost a great leader, a great prime minister and a great Briton.”

To mark her passing and in true BBM style, we’ve put together a few distasteful jokes.