image of foetal positionIN news that we’re ashamed to say has come from Australia, a toddler is suing Virgin Airlines for damages.

Seriously, turn off the American sitcoms and switch Home & Away back on.

Dramatic mother Renee Cherry has launched legal action in the Supreme Court on behalf of her two-year-old son seeking compensation.

According to the courts, Cherry seeks damages after eating a chicken roll (pictured) while pregnant onboard a Virgin flight.

The roll was infected with listeriosis and her unborn child suffered gastro-intestinal injury, developmental delay, and anxiety.

What does a baby have to be anxious about? It’s good practice for when the kid ends up eating a dodgy virgin in a later life.

Ungrateful kid. If BBM had someone to cuddle us all day, stuff tits in our mouth and wipe our arse we’d be happier than Bindi Irwin on speed.