ADMITTEDLY, when it comes to pleasures of the flesh, BBM can be a little bit too direct for some women.

Our idea of foreplay, for example, is asking how much for oral.

But there’s one group of sociopaths who make even your humble scribe look like a tantric sex Casanova. We’re talking long brown rain macs. We’re talking grubby grins and leering peepers. We’re talking no undercrackers. We’re talking, of course, about flashers.

And it seems we’ve found ourselves quite the serial cock-shower this week with police on the hunt for a bloke who’s shown his bits to no less than six women in separate incidents around Thirteenth Beach near Barwon Heads.

The phantom flasher apparently “wilfully and obscenely exposed himself” to them before jogging away towards Black Rock.

Victims told police he wore running shorts and a singlet or T-shirt. A singlet? What a fucking freak of nature.