man with blistered hands from hot oilThai chef and superhuman Ken Trichan has mastered an ability, men across the world could only dream of: placing unprotected body parts in places they shouldn’t be, without a burning sensation, blistering, or even a bit of an itch afterwards.

Unfortunately, Trichan misuses his powers for lame rather than lust. Regularly forgetting his cooking utensils, he will dip his hands into a boiling hot wok of oil without any pain whatsoever, a trick that earned him a spot in the Guinness World Record book for pulling 20 pieces of chicken out of 480 degree oil in one minute.

“When I put my hands into the oil it feels hot but it doesn’t burn or blister my skin. It’s crazy but my stall gets busier and busier every day with tourists and customers wanting to see me,” said Trichan, as he began to plug his prosthetic hand supplier.