A two-year-old cat called Meow is in the running to become the fattest cat in the world after the 18kg (2st 9lb) feline had to be taken into care.

His 87-year-old owners were no longer able to look after him in New Mexico, US due to him weighing more than four-times the average weight of a domestic cat.

The fat cat is said to be in good spirits, however he is at serious risk of dying due to the excess fat adding pressure around his heart. A spokesman at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter where Meow is staying said, “He’s very sweet. But he loses his breath and tires easily. We got him a scratching post with a carpeted ring attached but he couldn’t even get his head through.”

The record had previously been held by an Australian cat called Himmy who weighed a whopping 21.3kg (3st 4lb), but shortly after he died, the Guinness Book of Records scrapped the record as they thought it might encourage pet owners to over feed their beloved animals.

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