facial_banningA boy of 15 has been banned from class in school because he has a beard. Teachers put him in isolation when he refused to shave. The head of the school in Blackburn, Simon Smith, said that he could re attend his classes when he is clean-shaven. He is currently getting taught and being punished in a small room each day, much like a Guantanamo detainee.

The mother of the boy stated that razors would trouble her son’s acne and has now taken him out of the school in protest. “There are children with earrings, nose rings, eyebrow piercings- yet Harry’s being singled out for having a beard.” May we suggest waxing? It lessens the effects of in-growing hairs and thus doesn’t contribute to acne, or for Godsakes, do what every other chav who won’t take their sovereign ring off at school does and say the beard is because of “religious reasons”. Christ, what a dumb mum. (Evidently we didn’t abide by the school uniform code).