Elderly NakednessWhat is the world coming to when you can’t even be naked in your own back garden eh? Naked 80-year-old, Kevin Lavelle of Stockport has been placed under house arrest for 2 months, awaits a suspended 8 week prison sentence, and has been placed on the sex offenders register for 7 years for carrying out a number of chores whilst completely starker’s and upsetting the neighbours. His naked shenanigans include changing a tire on his car in the front garden, pruning the bushes, and cleaning the guttering. Now we don’t know what your thoughts are, but he sounds like an upstanding member of society to us, who’s clearly house proud and enjoys a dabble in DIY, and if he doesn’t want to get his clothes all dirty whilst on the job, then we commend him for being fashion conscious. Also, we’re not quite sure why he’s been placed on the sex offenders register, cause at no point did it say he was standing in the drive way swinging his wang around at all the local totty. Carry on naked warrior, we support you!