edl brings violence to london's streetsEDL wankers caused more violence on the streets of London this weekend when they took to the streets to spread their uneducated hate-filled hitler style venom. The right wing English Defence League, led by tit-head founder Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, 28, who uses the name Tommy Robinson, began a speech before appearing to be led away by police. He was there in breach of bail conditions after he was convicted in July of leading a street brawl with 100 football fans in August last year. He said, “I’m meant to sign on at a police station on a Saturday, I’m not doing that. I’m not allowed to go to a demonstration, I’m not doing that. The credible outcome is I will be put on remand in prison for my democratic right.” Sounds like a really intelligent fellow to us. Fights broke out as 3,000 officers tried to keep control in East London under a hail of bottles and firecrackers reminiscent of the early August London riots.
1,000 EDL supporters gathered near Aldgate Tube, with a counter protest numbering 1,500 taking place nearby close to the East London Mosque, which is a target for the EDL. Lennon.
We say, just lock all these violent assholes up and bring back the happy and safe London we all enjoy drunkenly rolling around in.