Photo of Andy Gray and Richard KeysEVER had a lewd and lurid email conversation with a friend or colleague about a girl at work (say, for a totally random example, BBM’s head designer)?

Fulham toffs Harry Fildes, 25, and posh pal Sebastian Marsh, 24, certainly have – because they accidentally emailed their conversation to Jenni Palmer, the girl in question, after Seb said he was going to “have a crack” at her to give him something to do in “the summer months”.

Marsh, who lives with Palmer and used to go out with her, admitted she’s “a looker” and told him to “go for it” but also warned she is “a fucking twat” – before forwarding the message on to Palmer.

The email has now gone viral and the boys have been suspended from their jobs. Reports that they have been hired by Sky Sports to replace Andy Gray and Richard Keys are unconfirmed.