Dutch mock refugeesJust when you think reality TV couldn’t get anyone worse, television execs in Holland have launched a brand new game show in which rejected asylum seekers compete to win cash prizes. The contestants on the show Weg van Nederland (Out of the Netherlands) are asylum seekers about to be deported from the country who have to answer questions based on Dutch history and pop culture. The winner gets a prize of 4,000 Euros to spend once they have been deported. What a nice touch to being booted out of a country eh! The editor of the program, Frank Wiering, originally thought the show was a bad idea, stating “My first reaction was this was a terrible idea, but then I realised the show was not really mocking asylum seekers but highlighting their plight through humour”. Sounds hilarious. Bet you think Celebrity Big Brother isn’t that bad now!

By David Mahoney


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