Drunk Beer Cooler Driver arrestedAn Australian man has been arrested and banned from driving after being pulled over – driving a motorised beer cooler.
Chris Petrie, 23, bought the ‘vehicle’ on the internet, a modified 50cc scooter with a cooler box that doubles up as a driver’s seat when assembled. The cooler can hold 48 bottles of beer, or cans of rum and coke that Mr Petrie was caught with when pulled over by police.
Petrie decided to drink, as he told Australian News channel Network Ten: ”By the time we built it, it was quite late so we thought we’d go for a bit of a test run”
Police charged him for driving without a licence, being three times over the legal blood alcohol limit and also fined him $500 (£315). Perhaps we could recommend a cheaper, more technological option – a bag with some ice.

By Jonathan Anderson